Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Simple Pot Roast

All you need is a crock pot, seasoning and french onion soup mix.

Have your butcher pick out a chuck roast for you.

Season both sides.
We like to use Lindberg-Snider Porterhouse & Roast Seasoning.

Set meat aside.

Mix your french onion soup mix in a crock pot.
(follow the instructions on your soup mix)

Place the roast in the crock pot.
Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.
You can cook it on a higher temp for less time but I don't recommend it. Slow cooking makes for a yummier pot roast.


dP said...

More recipes and posts!

Shannon said...

Thanks for stopping by and encouraging my gluttonous sloppy joe habits. Not sure I ever thought I'd be reading a butcher's blog. and laughing. Weird.

bananas. said...

such perfect timing! the boyfriend was looking for a good crockpot recipe so thank you!

Brad N said...

Did you really use the word "yummier". Cute.

Anonymous said...

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